1. Introduction

Ninja Blaze is thrilled to announce Roshambo to the gaming community. This innovative game marks Ninja Blaze's second entry into the gaming space, providing an exciting and entertaining experience for players looking for a unique blend of strategy and blockchain technology.

2. Stage 1: Betting

To start the excitement, players initiate the game by placing a bet, adding a layer of anticipation and reward to the timeless gameplay.

3. Stage 2: Determining the winner

The winner is determined in two stages: at the first stage, the checksum (the player's choice with the secret) is sent and recorded on the blockchain; at the second stage, the players send their choice along with the secret. And the smart contract verifies the checking sum and the original choice are correct; thanks to this all games are transparent and fair.

4. Commission Structure

The winning commission is a 0%. In the spirit of fair competition, if players draw, there is no fee. However, Roshambo introduces a penalty for those who leave the game prematurely - 0% commission for a technical defeat. This measure is aimed at encouraging commitment to the game experience and maintaining a level playing field.

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