The Ninja Blaze platform is managed as a DAO. Any active NFT holder can vote on the development decisions of the project, thus making the project more open and transparent to the crypto community.

Projects built as DAOs are a high standard for the cryptocurrency market and make it stronger, more competitive and balanced. Decentralized systems have already proven their efficiency and commitment to the core values in the cryptocurrency market.

Who can participate?

Ninja Blaze has released its own NFT collection, and every member who has purchased an NFT can participate in voting for decisions in the project. Before a vote takes place, a snapshot of the owners is taken, after which you can vote using a convenient interface on the platform you can participate. There is also a thread in Discord for NFT owners where preliminary topics for voting are discussed.

Participation in voting

Specifically for NFT holders, we have developed a dashboard at nft.blaze.ninja, where the users can log in through their wallets, see their NFTs and go to the "Vote" section where they will see the current list of topics. If the vote is active, you can participate.

Governance Votes

The following items summarize the voting options and what they means for this proposal:

  • YES - Participants approve this community proposal.

  • NO - Participants disapprove of this community proposal in its current form.

  • ABSTAIN - Participants are impartial to the outcome of the proposal.

Votes are allocated based on the rule "the more you own, the more you weigh". 1 NFT = 1 vote

Proposal will be successful if it gets more "YES" votes than "NO" votes.

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