The Ninja Blaze NFT collection was created for those who want to change the face of the market and set their own rules. Each NFT offers the chance to own a piece of the future of gaming.

What are the benefits for NFT owners?

  • Mainnet rewards (countless bonuses after Mainnet launch)

  • Discord role (dedicated role on our Discord channel)

  • Influence (real influence on the development of the project)

  • Bonuses in the testnet (exclusive rewards during the Testnet period including extra SHU tokens)

Total Supply: 10,000 NFTs

Unique Holders: 4500+

Levels of NFT Holders

LevelNumber of NFTsOpportunities

NFT Holder


Participating in voting, reading the chat in Discord

Master NFT Holder


Discussing votes and suggestions, participating in voting

Elite NFT Holder


Discussing votes and suggestions, Participating in voting

Voting Participation

Ninja Blaze gives all NFT owners the opportunity to directly influence the project through DAO by using their NFTs to vote and make decisions. A convenient dashboard at is available specifically for this purpose. All decisions made are recorded on the blockchain and take effect immediately.

Ninja Blaze NFTs are listed. Buy or sell your NFTs on Talis Art.

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