Our Mission & Vision

Our team identified several goals for developing Ninja Blaze:

  1. Create games on a blockchain that is transparent and fair for all actors

  2. Create a platform where any user can have fair competition with equal terms for everyone

  3. Transfer the Web 2.0 experience to Web 3.0

  4. Launch a project that hinges on decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to manage and develop the platform

  5. Rethink traditional gambling using new technologies

  6. Be transparent like our games, with all our activities being transparent and verified by independent auditors.

The principles that Ninja Blaze adheres to:


Our community can see all our developments and plans. We strive to interact with the crypto community as much as possible.

Honesty Our platform is designed to make games transparent allowing everyone to see the results of the games and the formulas which define our in-game mechanics. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which makes them immutable.

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