Verifiable Random Function

Ninja Blaze relies on randomness for its games, which it obtains from Drand. Thanks to the integration with NOIS, which relays verified randomness from Drand to our infrastructure, Ninja Blaze can offer users provably fair outcomes that cannot be tampered with.


NOIS uses Drand as a source of secure, unbiased and unpredictable randomness. The randomness is generated by drand then it is brought to the NOIS chain where it is verified. Drand is not a blockchain but a decentralized network of institutions and reliable organizations such as Cloudflare.


Drand (pronounced "dee-rand") is a distributed randomness beacon daemon written in Golang. Servers running Drand can be linked with each other to produce collective, publicly verifiable, unbiased, unpredictable random values at fixed intervals using bilinear pairings and threshold cryptography.

Drand is meant to be an Internet infrastructure level service that provides randomness to applications, similar to how NTP provides timing information and Certificate Transparency logs provide certificate issuance information for free.

For more details, you can visit the Drand website

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