Thanks to the successful completion of the Testnet stage, Ninja Blaze will launch all its games on Mainnet Injective, which will significantly speed up interaction with the platform and the user experience will be as similar to Web2 as possible due to faster transactions.

Mainnet will also be split into three stages for a qualitative transition of the project to an international launch using stablecoins and traditional user tools, such as e-mail authorization and fiat funding.

During the Mainnet stage we will continue to delight our users with new products and plan to launch all 5 announced games by the international launch.

Stage 1 - Technical Start

This stage will include the transition to the Mainnet Injective blockchain network, using the test token SHU, which is credited one-time to all our Testnet users. The goal of this part is to test the Mainnet network, which should speed up and eliminate freezes in Testnet. Jackpot, Double and Roshambo games will work on SHU tokens.

Stage 2 - Open Beta

In this stage, the main implementation will be the ability to play with Injective token. All three games will be available, and the team will be preparing new ones. During this period, there will be a full-fledged testing among our community and set up convenient deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Stage 3 - Production start

At this stage, we plan to launch a major advertising campaign and an international launch, introducing Ninja Blaze to the gaming world. During this period, a major marketing campaign will be launched to attract a gambling audience. The goal is to bring the activity on the platform to the level of Testnet. And also to launch a full-fledged affiliate program.

Participation in Mainnet

To participate in Mainnet you need to register at If you are a previously registered user on Testnet, you will be able to migrate your account.

Supported wallets for registration:

  • Metamask

  • Keplr

  • Leap

  • Trust Wallet

  • Ninji

  • Cosmostation

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