Participation in Testnet

Our project launched Testnet on November 1, 2023, where all participants will be able to try out our platform and receive a reward. You will be able to spend time on the platform, actively participate in the project and play!

Activities include:

  • Registration and regular authorization

  • Participation in games and competitions

  • Search for bugs and errors

  • Your ideas and suggestions

Rules and instructions for participation

Every day you can receive 10 SHU tokens to use in the game. To do this you need to complete missions in Galxe.

To get started:

  1. Register on the Blaze.Ninja website

  2. Complete a mission in Galxe

  3. Claim tokens

  4. Start playing

To successfully receive tokens, the wallet registered on Ninja Blaze and Galxe must be the same.

After 24 hours, tokens will be available for you to receive again.

Early Ninja

We also have special missions available for early participants. You can become an Early Ninja member. To do this you need to complete a special mission.

All participants who receive the status of "Early Ninja" will receive an increased reward and a label on their avatar. In the future, early adopters will be able to be among the first to participate in the ambassador program.

Affiliate program

To increase the reward amount, we are also launching an affiliate program where you can invite friends and receive 10% of their Airdrop rewards.

To do this you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to Blaze.Ninja

  2. In the “Partnership” menu, copy the referral link

  3. Start inviting friends using it

Read the detailed instructions for participating in Testnet.

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